According to Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model, development takes place through an individual, the environment, and interactions between all the layers of the ecological model. There are five levels/systems of the environment for the individual:

  1. Microsystem: is the immediate environment of the individual. It includes everyone the child interacts with on a regular basis including parents, siblings, neighbors, etc.
  2. Mesosystem: is the interaction between members/components of the microsystem. The relationship between parents would be part of this system.
  3. Exosystem: is the border environment that will directly affect the immediate environment of the individual. This includes the local community, media, parent’s work environment.
  4. Macrosystem: is the overarching system that consists of culture, laws, economy, politics, etc.
  5. Chronosystem: is the system of time and how certain variable affect the individual over time including life events and changes in socioeconomic status.