6.01: Create, control, and maintain records and data to facilitate continuation of services, allow replication of studies, ensure accuracy, and comply with institutional requirements/laws.

6.02: Maintain confidentiality in records. Avoid personal identifiers if stored in a database.

6.03: Psychologists may not withhold records for nonpayment in emergency treatments.

6.04: Discuss fees and payments as early as feasible. Fees must be consistent with the law. If using collection agencies, must first inform the client to give a chance to make a payment.

6.05: Barter is allowed if not clinically contraindicated and exploitative.

6.06: Psychologists accurately report to payors and funders required information about the client and treatment.

6.07: If not in an employer-employee agreement, psychologists accept or give fees based on services provided and not on the referral itself.