1.01: If misrepresented, psychologists correct or minimize the misrepresentation or misuse of their work.

1.02 & 1.03: If conflict exists between ethics and law or other regulations (or organizational demands), psychologists make known their commitment to the code and make reasonable steps to resolve the conflict without justifying or defending violation of human rights.

1.04: When dealing with other psychologists, attempt to resolve the ethical issue informally.

1.05: If the issue is not appropriate for informal resolution, psychologists take further action(s) to report the ethical violation to committees, boards, and authorities.

1.06: Psychologists must cooperate in ethical investigations and proceedings.

1.07: Psychologists do not file complaints with reckless disregard for or willful ignorance of facts.

1.08: Psychologists do not discriminate against someone subject of an ethical complaint. Actions can be taken based on the outcome of the complaint.