Mental Health Consultation is a type of consultation that involves a consultant (expert) and a consultee (who seeks out the help of the consultant. The consultation can be of four types:

  • Client-Centered Case Consultation: where the consultant provides guidance/recommendation to the consultee in providing best services to a specific client.
    • Example: A teacher asks the school counselor about how to address a student’s obnoxious behavior.
  • Consultee-Centered Case Consultation: the focus of this consultation is for the consultee to learn and grow in providing best care of clients. 
    • Example: A department manager asks the company psychologist about how to have better social/communication skills when dealing with his workers.
  • Program-Centered Administrative Consultation: a consultant is providing assistance to the administration of a program. The recommendations are providing with the intent of improving the program.
    • Example: A school hires a consultant psychologist in determining the effectiveness of an afterschool behavior program.
  • Consultee-Centered Administrative Consultation: where the consultant works with a consultee in improving the organization as a whole. 
    • Example: a consultant works with each of the members of a board of trustees in improving their communication and group skills.